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Why Rishikesh is considered best place for Ayurveda and Yoga practices and certification course?

Rishikesh has been attracting many people around the world and people knowingly and unknowingly recognized the power this land has which somehow heal people, give them clarity and direction too. Rishikesh has been the land for Seeker and will remain that way only! Rishi - Sages, Kesh - Hair  = So basically, people who come here become sages and in that process they got their hair grown up. which they didn't realize as they were doing sadhna and in that process, it's very common to get hair grown up not just your head but entire body. People say this very often that she has has healed them, some says they don't know what but something has changed.  Some says that they don't feel like going back or it is the toughest thing to go back once you are in Rishikesh. Some even said and actually started staying in Rishikesh and they have no desire to go back. they have became Sadhu or monk or sadhak. most people now doing bhakti sadhna and participating in Kirtan and Aartis. So

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